Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heat vs. Spurs

The effort that was shown in this game was an embarrassment. Except for Michael Beasley all other should be in a team meeting for two hours because there are issues abound here. Beasley started the game on fire, had 20 points at the half but was rarely involved in the offense after that and ended the game with only 26 points. O’Neal ended with 6 points and 3 rebounds in 16 minutes, Richardson did not score, Arroyo had 5 points and Wade had only 16 points on a pedestrian 6-of-18 shooting. This followed a 6 turnover night in New Orleans versus the Hornets. This team also was out rebounded by the Spurs 43-25. The Heat should be ashamed of such an effort especially their leader D. Wade.
This is the way that I have assessed the situation that has befallen Wade. He has begun to get frustrated for not getting the Superstar calls that he has gotten accustomed to. He in turn has begun to be labeled a whiner, a complainer to the Refs. The Refs also has noticed his lackluster play and are making him earn those FREE throws. They seem to have taken the stance that they refuse to reward him for his behavior and lackadaisical play. That is my view of this very sensitive situation in a year that may prove pivotal to the future of the NBA, where wins and losses maybe influential in steering the direction of one or more of the leading free agents. Wade is a superior player one of the top three in the league right now, but that is no excuse for lack of execution and effort. My advice to you Dwyane is to stop complaining and let your play speak for itself.

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