Friday, April 16, 2010

Concern for the Heat

The biggest concern for the Heat entering the playoffs is two-fold:
1. The health of J. O.
2. Defense

These two factors will determine how all the dominoes fall for the Heat henceforth, What I mean by that is these factors will not only affect the play-offs, but the draft, who will be released and free agency.

II. I don’t believe how far the team goes in the post season will not be determined by seeding.
The health of the team and defense played by this team will carry the Heat. This Team is good enough to beat any team in the East but may require some luck to get by Orlando or Cleveland. If Miami plays good defense and hit their open shots, they can compete with anyone. Their problem is they start slowly, fall behind while missing easy shots and playing poor defense. This causes them to spend the first quarter trying to catch up, and no play their game.
I think the Heat will maintain their focus and defensive effort and reach the second round against Cleveland and fall in 6. If they manage to get by Cleveland, which is a long shot, they will win the title over Denver in 6. Wade, Haslem and Arroyo will have outstanding games.

III. I’ll star with who has to go; Jamaal Magloire, (can’t jump over a stamp), Diarawa, Alston, and James Jones.

Keepers are: Arroyo, Beasley, Haslem, Anthony, Wright and Wade.

The jury is still out on J.O. because of his knees and his contract. Chalmers may be a keeper because he is cheap and Richardson is useful when he’s interested. But for a reasonable price J.O is a keeper.

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