Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mavericks shoot down Heat

After taking in the game with the Lakers I really was looking forward to the game between the Heat and the Mavericks. The way I figured it would be a tremendous opportunity for Miami to make an impression in the power rankings. I was right. They made an impression, a bad one. The Dallas defense was good but these guys aren’t the Celtics. The Heat shooting was pathetic, except for the production coming from Mr. reliable Udonis Haslem who was 9 out of 10 for 22 points and 10 rebounds. The only other player that shot over 50% was Anthony and he isn’t expected to make a huge impact in the scoring column. Wade shoot 33%, that’s totally unacceptable. Wade got in the lane at will but could not finish. He did rebound well, with 4 being offensive which makes for 2nd chance opportunities and points. He delivered on the line connecting at 80%. Beasley had a solid game, scoring 16 points with 11 rebounds. I thought with the return of Q. Richardson the outside shooting would pick up but he was a no show going 0 for 2 in only 7 minutes. I haven’t heard an injury report but only 7 minutes makes you wonder. His lack of production was solely missed. Who was missed even more was Jermaine O’Neal. With him out of the middle Erick Dampier had a career day with 20 points and 17 rebounds. He’s no All-Star by any stretch of the imagination but he sure made it look easy. O’Neal has to return Sunday for the game against Memphis so the Heat can get this Circus act together. Wade also need to take better shots and make the easy ones. That vaunted Miami defense has been non-existent lately, which has to improve if they expect to stay close to Atlanta. Don’t get me wrong Miami don’t give me any thoughts that they may over-take Atlanta. That would be dreaming.

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