Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Redskins massacre Raiders

In the first half of this game Oakland had a pulse. They resembled a football team. Bruce Gradkowski looked good. He moved the team, they scored and he had no turn-over’s the running game was slow but would pick up because of Bruce’s completions. The defense had to respect the pass. Not to say there weren’t a few lapses on defense because Washington should not have gotten a touchdown before half-time. This touchdown was aided by a flag for interfering with a punt returner’s ability to fair catch a ball. On top of that Oakland got penalized 15 additional yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for arguing the call.
The came the 2nd half, the clouds darkened as they descended upon the Earth, and the Earth rumbled, and tremble and the crowd cowered in fear as JaMarcus Russell ran onto the field. The mighty slayers of Bengals and crushers of Steel amassed a grand total of 39 yards on 29 plays in the second half. Russell was sacked 6 times, had an interception and one fumble. At the Post Game news conference Coach Cable was asked who would start next Sunday versus Denver, to which he responded “Let’s get to tomorrow”. But as Gary Peterson of the Oakland Tribune noted there is no tomorrow with Russell. When Russell entered the game the booing started. Whether it was coming from the stands or the bench is still being debated. There were even chants to bring on the third-string quarterback Charlie Frye. To be fair and just to other members of the team, Frye should star because they believe he gives them their best chance to succeed.

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