Friday, December 11, 2009

The Points of a Point Guard

In reference to “Handle a Handler”, an article in the Sun Sentinel in Miami, it relates to what Erik Spoelstra is doing with his Point Guards. I have no idea. True super Mario has been anything but super lately. His point totals are up, assist are down and the W’s have been few. In the few wins he didn’t make any meaningful contributions. As a point guard, his job is to try to control the tempo and pace of the game. Just like his numbers, he has flip-flopped his duties and role. The game is controlling him, dictating to him and he’s unable or lacks the skill and knowledge to reverse the trend. These are the times when an experienced back-up or mentor presence is needed. Initially I thought Arroyo was capable. I really have not backed off that premise, but Arroyo needs more playing time to get into the groove of the game. I believe they should start him over Mario, which may be a viable alternative. I do believe Wade could be a starting Point Guard and it wouldn’t take away from his scoring. He is a willing passer and rebounder. Triple doubles would be in his future frequently. Let Dorrell Wright can fall back and defend the opposing basket on the breaks.

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