Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pittsburg vs Tennessee

This was a very good game as I had predicted sans overtime. Ben Roethlisberger gets all the hype but Kerry Collins showed that he still is a top notch quarterback. Against Pittsburg steady diet of blitzes he remained poised and on task. He was 22-35 with one touchdown. He did have one interception. This was a game that should have been decided without overtime by either team. Some of mis-steps should rightly be called turnovers while others will be categorized as takeaways. I consider turnovers to be the cases where the offensive player obviously at fault. The takeaways are the instances where the defense dominates the offense on a specific play and the results are the ball changes hands. At times both teams exhibited such play. Neither team overwhelmed the other and the game could have gone either way but Pittsburg prevailed 13-10.
What did I learn from this game?
I learned that Pittsburg can be had, can be beaten. With the loss of Troy Palamalu they will be susceptible to a strong passing game. The Steelers don’t look good enough to hold off the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have a chip on their shoulder after last year. Pittsburg doesn’t have any wiggle room for any losses.
I also learned that Tennessee is better that some critics believe. They were predicted to have a drop off especially with the loss of Haynesworth. Whether they match last years 13-3 record is another thing but they’ll be alright. I believe they will be better than the 9-7 that some has predicted. As long as they are in the same division with the Colts they will be relegated to 2nd placed. This year they will have the Texans breathing down their necks.

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