Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lions and the Christians

This game was not as close as the score may indicate27-45, at no time were the Saints threatened. Drew Brees looked like the second coming of Joe Montana. The total net yards were 231-515. This was a total ass whipping. What I don’t understand is why Stafford is even starting. It is Crazy when you have a QB of Dante Culpepper’s talent sitting on the bench. Why don’t they let Stafford sit and learn a year before inserting him into the starting line-up unless you are letting this season be a wash? I can’t believe they told Culpepper this during signing. On his behalf it doesn’t make sense unless he his conceding. Accepting that his talent has eroded to the point where he realizes that he will be a back-up the remainder of his career. They are giving him OJT. In that case why sign Culpepper. They could have used that kind of money on personnel for the offensive or defensive line. That’s what makes Detroit the Clippers of the NFL

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