Monday, September 14, 2009

Minnesota vs Cleveland

Minnesota won the game on the shoulders of Adrian Peterson not Brett Favre, which may come as a shock to many. The way Peterson looked, Mickey Mouse could have been handing the ball off. It’s beyond a stretch to say he had a good day. He trounced Cleveland for 180 yards. This guy is a BULL. He was what we thought he was. I still say Favre should have stayed on his tractor. I’ll be extremely surprised if he last longer than five games. Minnesota dominated the ground game 225-89. That puts entirely too much pressure 2nd year player Brady Quinn. They should have run Jamal Lewis more. 11 carries is not enough for a full back of his caliber. The Vikings will have an successful season but it will not because of Favre but in spite of Favre. Travaris Jackson loosen up your arm and be patient it want be long now.

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