Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Boston Patriots vs Buffalo Bills

THIS Past Monday’s double-header started off with a bang. The Bills did not go into Foxboro and roll over. This was a very competitive game until the very end. Quarterback trent Edwards did not seem phased by the great Patriot mystique or their defense. He stayed calm went through his progressions and delivered the football on time to his receivers. I was impressed with his calmness, poise and attitude. The Bills were in control of this game until the very last five (5) minutes of the game. Even with that the Bills should have won this game. That would surely have riled up the Hoodie. If it were not for such a boned headed play by Leodis McKelvin the Patriots would be one down and counting. What does it take to get a holding call against those asshole from Boston? The offensive line holds every down but doesn’t get called for it because the league does not want to see Brady get injured. Well they should standby near triage because he is going down and going down hard. Their next three games are the Jets, Falcons, and Ravens. He will not hold up.

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