Friday, May 15, 2009

Wade needs Help

Dwayne needs help. Riley needs to star now to get some decent talent that can put the ball in the bucket. Far too many games were lost because our wing men could not convert open shots. Lets keep UD at PF and Beasley at SF. At power forward UD can post up and hit the mid-range jumper, Beasley can hit jumpers from anywhere. This summer he needs to work on his defense, passing and patience. Mario Chalmers needs to work on his foot speed and defense overall. Opposing guards were running by him like they were at the Penn Relays. He could learn to control his temper also. Can't win with him receiving silly techs. Wade has to work on his free throws. With a 5% improvement it could mean winning 5 or more games a season. He should spend time in the gym to improve his 3-point range There was a big improvement this past season. These are areas that I know with limitless talent, he can improve. We should keep Cook , he will improve. Diawara has to go, he did not improve this team not one iota. I still don't see the need for Magloire other than an enforcer. Should we be impressed with a one-handed rebound? He can't jump over a dime, gotta go. Mark Blount has a little jumper but does play defense, he gotta go. James Jones has been in the league 5 years and is still unreliable, gotta go. Dorell Wright has had problems with injuries so he gets one more chance to prove his worth. He has alot of potential but potential alone just won't get it done. With Jermaine O'neal we will see how his rehab goes throughout the summer but either way we need a center bad. Lastly Jamario Moon, I believe this kid is going to take off. With good work ethics he game could be unreal, at which time we'll start him at small forward and move Beasley to power forward and have Haslem as his experienced back-up. Now let the games begin.

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