Friday, May 15, 2009


Tuesday night the Denver Nuggets let the NBA know they are for real. Since the addition of Chauncey Billups the Nuggets has joined the ranks of the elite of the league. He changed the culture of a "wild west shoot'em up team" to a disciplined group with a defensive mentality. No one saw this coming. With the exit of Marcus Camby, the leagues perennial rebounder, the defense was expected to suffer. Instead Carmello Anthony returned from the Olympics with a new attitude, Nene became a force to be reckoned with, and Kenyon Martin continued to be nasty. Until the steady hand of Billups, the outside touch of J.R. Smith, and the "BULLY BALL" of 'Mello Denver scaled rocky mountain high and seeks the pinnacle of success, the NBA championship. From the beginning of the season until today the talk has been the marquee match-up of Kobe and Labron. I'm sorry but there is one problem, to put it simply, the Lakers cannot beat the Denver Nuggets.
Denver is too deep and play better defense than the Lakers. The Lakers don't match-up well with the Nuggets. The only clear advantage they have is at shooting guard. Even there Jones is going to give Kobe the blues, look for a technical foul from that match-up. Also, no on the Lakers team can handle Billups nor 'Mello. Advantage Denver in 6.
The Lakers should not feel bad because the Cavaliers can't beat Denver either. Of the young stars this will leave only the King without a ring, Kobe-3, Wade-1, and Carmello-1. What irritates me is that commentators and critics alike speak of how many rings Labron will win and links this with his greatness. Well let him win one first. Labron is foreseen as winning his first before Jordon won his first. They fail to remember or mention that Wade already has his first. I know the "but he had Shaq" story. Hell Dwayne won that championship in spite of Shaq. We all "witnessed" the greatest one-man show in finals history. You do the math. That's greatness.

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