Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hopeless in L.A.

I am wataching the Lakers and Rockets game as I write this blog. I,ve come to the conclusion that the Rockets are through. Before the tip-off, I was (mis)led to believe that Houston had a chance, then guess what happened? REALITY !!!! Artest could not throw a rock in the Pacific, Scola is much to tenative and I believe Brooks shrunk two inches. How in the world does he expect to pass over a seven footer in the paint when he's in the paint with them. He,s too short. If it weren't for Landry and Wafer they could warm up the bus. Wait, did I just see the bus driver reach for his cap? On top of all this, in the first half Houston has done the impossible, they made Luke Walton look good. Its now half time, 51-31 Lakers, and it doesn't look good at all. The problem with this game is Houston started too far in the hole. They could not make shots which caused them to push the issue in the second half They never got in sync and wasn't able to achieve any ryhthmn on their shots. All that said, The Lakers did nothing to make me believe that could defeat Denver. Bynum is a bum and Gasol can't deal with any physical play. Kobe who I believe is the best player in the league, will not be able to do it by himself. The secret to their sucess will be Odom and Fisher and that won't be enough. Denver in 6.

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