Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Its Showtime

I have mulled over this game for two days and I still cannot fine a way for the Lake show to win this series. I admit one key is for Denver to steal one of the first two games in L.A. It can be done. I believe Nene's experience will be an advantage over Bynum's size. He is big but his talent is exaggerated. Ariza is a nice talent but again advantage Denver. He can't defend 'Mello. When his jumper is falling, no one can defend "Bully Ball". The Gasol vs K-Mart match up is the most intriguing. Kenyon has to stay away from cheap, silly fouls to be effective. The one true advantage that the Lakers have is at shooting guard. The Black Mamba is the best in the league but D. Jones will be following him to the lockeroom. The x-factors are Lamar Odom for L.A. and J.R. Smith for Denver. These men have to be productive and score when the stars are off the floor.
My pick for the series: Denver in 6.

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