Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I am truly baffled at the amount of fouls and calls that consistently go in Labrons favor. How can a man play like an NFL fullback not get called for any offensive fouls. On the other hand he gets to the line on phantom calls all the time. You don't have to touch him just be in the same building. Dwight Howard is the defensive player of the year and gets no respect for his play. Offensively he gets hit on every single play and doesn't get halve the calls that Labron gets. The officiating is torrid as I've mentioned before on this blog. If the calls were being made on level ground Labron would be gone by the third quarter period. Labron is a great player. He does not need the assistance of the refs.
During the post-game show after game #2, was I the only person that heard Reggie Miller say," they gave them a 23 point lead, its not their fault they couldn't hold it." This statement was made when the analyst were discussing the officiating and the comeback of the Orlando magic. This sound like an acknowledgement of the calls being made in the Cavaliers favor. Stimulated by greed, is the league doing everything possible to advance the Cavaliers and Lakers to the finals?

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