Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enough, Enough, Enough

This BULL that the networks and Commentators are giving the " Stars" has surpassed ludicrous. We will start with LaBron. Its impossible for a linebacker to play 7 games of basketball and have 8 personal fouls TOTAL, while averaging over 38 minutes a game. You may surmise what you wish out of those statistics. I've been watching round-ball a long time and never seen anything remotely close to hose stats. If any readers know of any info cue me in. For me seeing is believing.

Next is Kobe. The elbow Kobe threw to Artest( which after a full day of thorough investigating

concluded that Artest was struck in the chest) was obviously thrown with malicious intent and Kobe should have been ejected from the game. Ask yourself this question. Was Artest verbal confrontation with Kobe more harmful than the physical assault that Artest experienced at the hands of Kobe? Of course not. Then WHY was Artest ejected and not Kobe? I don't give a damn about Artest reputation nor Kobe's. Those elements have nothing to do with what actually took place on the 8th of May, 2009. Level the playing field, let them all play by the same rules. Artest doesn't have a chance. He is constantly being demonized commentators and other critics. But all of those coaches and former coaches would kill to have an Artest on their teams. WHAT GIVES? Isn't life all about change and chances. Is Artest immune to these factors? It seems as one critic call someone a nut, everyone else just jumps on the bandwagon without the least bit of knowledge of facts. This is being bias merely to be in vogue, as if being against the grain is a curse. Reggie Miller is one such person. I admit he was a great player with a deadly jump shot, but as a commentator he's a follower and hanger-on not to mention a piss poor analyst and color man. I'm listening to Mark Jackson as I write this blog and he makes a statement in regards to the officiating of Dick Brivetta giving Kobe a technical foul. He says, " players just want referees to be consistent". THAT'S MY POINT. By the way Mark Jackson along with Doug Collins and Hubie Brown are the best in the business and great at their jobs.

This brings us to Kendrick Perkins. That's right the guy who has never committed a foul in his entire NBA career. The elbow that Perkins hit Mickal Pietrus with fits all the requirements for ejection and suspension but Perkins received neither. Why? Is it because he's a Celtic and the league want the classic rematch of Boston and Cleveland. I believe that. It does have more drawing power than Cleveland vs Orlando. Just what does the league threaten it's officials with; nude picture of them on the beach with a hermaphrodite? Or is it expulsion, blacklisting or never to officiate a playoff game again. None of these options appear to be outlandish when millions of dollars are concern is it commissioner Stern.

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