Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trouble, Not a guarantee

Mo Williams doesn't need to make a when he isn't producing. He's been shrinking like flower in the desert heat. Admit it, the Cavs are out manned . Turkoglu and Rashad Lewis will a have good night together very soon. They won't continue to miss those easy jumpers. Pietrus is playing out of his mind and they haven't needed their other sharpshooter Redick. The Magic have too many weapons, which puts a tremendous amount pressure on Labron to score. He will attempt to score early unlike in the past where he always tried to get his teammates involved early. This philosophical change is due to the lack of production of his teammates. Labron may get 40 points but will still loose. He hasn't forgotten that they are one jumper away from the BROOM ( a potential sweep). If the officiating level or balances out the Cavaliers will not win another game!!!!

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