Saturday, March 7, 2009


It was merely a matter of time before Jerry Jones heeded to his son. Terrell is cancer on any football team. Don’t get me wrong Terrell is easily amongst the top five receivers in the game. He is huge, strong, and has useful speed at his age. It’s just his mouth and whinny baby attitude. Like so many other over paid athletes, they don’t appreciate the position they are in and how fortune(nate) they are. How many people have a job they love and get paid so much money in a five year contract where they are set for life. Terrell is constantly dividing locker rooms with is antics and jealous behavior. Wasn’t it a year ago, in a press conference, he was crying and defending his quarterback? This season he didn’t just throw him under the bus, he tossed him overboard with an anchor around his ankle. Funny how time flies. What goes around comes around. Will he get into the HOF? Yes, he has the numbers. Even if you hate the guy you can’t change the numbers.

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