Friday, March 6, 2009


Now it’s time for the race for MVP to include four (4) names, LaBron, Kobe and D-Wade. D-Wade is legit, there is no denying it. He has the numbers to back it up. Since the All-Star break he’s averaging nearly 35 points a game on 56% shooting11 assist, 2.5 steals and nearly 6 rebounds a game. What hurts him is the 4-4 won/lost record. If the Heat could improve that won/lost ratio, Wade would put a lot of pressure on LaBron and Kobe. I admit that I am bias but the NBA is trying their best to give LaBron all of the accolades since the Olympics. The NBA and the media proclaimed the USA won the GOLD medal behind the leadership of LaBron and Kobe, but LaBron does not have a NBA championship. Kobe and Dwayne does. Also it is common knowledge that Dwayne was the best player on the Olympic team. He had the least amount of minutes but the leading scorer. Without him, would LaBron even have a gold metal?


Miami 108 - Toronto 102 Wade 42pts., 6 rbs., 8 assist

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