Friday, February 27, 2009

Bart Scott has agreed to a five year deal with the Jets

Bart Scott will be solely missed as the Ravens try to maintain their status as one of the great defenses in the NFL. With the Ray Lewis decision still pending, are the Ravens taking on water? We should definitely extend contract offers to both Scott and Lewis. The Raven signed Dominique Foxworth, a former Maryland Terp, to a 4 year $28 million contract with 16.5 million guaranteed. That’s a lot of money for a corner with 4 career interceptions. This is not an upgrade after the release of Chris McAlister. Foxworth may be younger but 4 interceptions in 4 years versus 26 ints in 10 years, which doers not compute. The money is not that much different. We should keep the proven commodity. This team only missed the Super Bowl by one game. They are not that far away from returning to the Super Bowl. The defense does not need an overhaul, maybe a tweak here and there but not an overhaul. On the offense they could use another proven receiver and a blocking back for the run and quarterback protection. None of the receivers stepped up in the playoff against Pittsburg. It was the perfect stage for Mark Clayton to show he belonged with the superstar receivers and he did nothing to prove he was primetime material. That’s what separate the stars from a flickering flame, how you perform in big games. I know its early at the meat market, I just hope the Ravens don’t continue in the wrong direction

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