Thursday, February 26, 2009

50 in Orlando

As you will soon learn, I'm a huge D-Wade fan. There were questions as to whether he was being selfish to remain in the game against Orlando to get his career high 50 points when the game for all practical purpose was over. NOT. He's not a selfish player was merely trying to get his career high. If he had plated the entire 4th quarter he could have gotten 60 easy. In January he would have gotten a triple double if he had played in 4th quarter at all. But because the game was firmly in hand he sat out the 4th. He is about winning. If Riley doesn't get him some help he may not have to worry about 2010. Really ,you heard it here 2010 will come and go with Labron in Cleveland and Wade in Miami, unless Labron chooses to join Wade in Miami.

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