Saturday, December 19, 2009

Poof and the Magic disappears

Whew!! What a win. If ever the Heat needed a win this was it. The Heat has struggled mightily as of late. The team’s mantra was taking a hit. They were supposed to be a defensive team, yet quite a few teams had scored over 100 points recently. The Raptors were the only team held below that margin. All of those teams would not be considered members of the elite. Yet a number of those teams were running like at a track meet. The Heat had the Lakers’ beat but gave that one away. This game the Heat took control in the opening minutes. Again a quality showing from Michael Beasley with 22 points, 8 rebounds and one(1)personal foul. The reason I mention personal fouls is simple. You can’t score, rebound or defend if you are not on the court. Foul trouble has limited his playing time more than Coach Spoelstra. The return of Quinton Richardson was immediately felt with two early triples. Also, what were very encouraging were the showings of two onetime outcasts, Carlos Arroyo and Dorell Wright. If Carlos continues to perform at his present level Chalmers will have a hard time getting his starting position back. As for Dorell, you’ve come along way baby. I hope I’m not jumping the gun because Wright can break your heart. Early in his career you could see that he had potential, but potential does not a career make. You want survive long in the NBA on potential alone, unless your name is Kwame Brown. Injuries and lackadaisical effort hampered his growth. Wade had one of his best games in some time. He shot over 50%, had 25 points, 7 assist and did not have to play in the 4th quarter. The Heat needs as much confidence as possible with their upcoming schedule. They close out December with Portland, Utah, New Orleans and San Antonio of their six remaining games. I will stress again that Wade will crank up his game and get that bounce back in his legs now that Tim Grover has arrived in South Beach. His stats and the Heats record will improve.
If someone ask you to put money on it use monopoly money. I am!!

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