Thursday, October 8, 2009


Last night was the second game for the Heat in this pre-season but from the first game some of their previous problems still exist. The point guard needs to be fixed. We should resign Rafer Alston. Or get Tinsley. I like Juan Dixon’s ability but he’s to short. Bobby Jackson ahs ability but he’s a little long in the tooth. Quinn just wont do besides Lucas III is about to take his job. Chalmer’s can’t guard anyone. He and Quinn were repeatedly beaten by Bynum and Stuckey. Both of you has had a year of experience and still can’t defend nor hit your shots.
Y’ALL GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. Wright’s stats are ugly. How many chances is this kid gonna get?I admit its early pre-season but he should have been on the bus two years ago. Before the bus leaves lets see if we can get Yakhouba Diawara on it, please. Diawara came in as a defensive specialist. He hasn’t done a damn thing. Wright came with fanfare also. He looked good for a minute. Both of these guys GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. Two fouls hampered Haslem but he was still the only player other than Wade to get to double figures. What the hell happened to Jermaine O’neal? He played 22 minutes and pulled down one(1) rebound. That one probably hit him in his hands. He got that in the first 50 seconds. You cannot explain to me how a man at that height can play that long and get a single rebound. Jermaine GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO. Will somebody tell the “Big Cat” Magloire that it is only a pre-season game? He seemed not being able to wait to hurt the team. Your idiotic behavior could result in a number of regular season games suspensions. With the bounty of talent on the other teams in the Eastern Division, we cannot afford to fall too far behind. Your stupid a_ _ actions, believe it or not, could cause us games. YOU GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO.

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