Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Amanti Edwards update #2

Appalachian State defeated the Citadel Saturday 30-27 in overtime. This was a game where neither team could stop the other from scoring. If Appalachian State can shore up their defense they will be hard to deal with. If they win another FCS championship they will be moving to FBS. They could compete each week in the MAC, Sun Belt and C-USA.
Armanti’s stats for this past week were as follows 22-29 for 327 yards and 1td. He rushed for 80 yds, 2tds on 10 carries. For the year he has thrown for 756yds, rushed for 169 yards and 5 touchdowns with no interceptions in three games. He is App. States career leader 7,852 yards. Not bad, not bad at all.
This man is good he deserves more press and will be a factor in next year’s draft. PUT MONEY ON IT!!!!!!

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