Monday, September 14, 2009

The NFL Week 1

This is my evaluation of the first week-end of the NFL season. I won’t be too harsh in my evaluations but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it’s a very good chance that it’s a duck. I will call them like I see them.

Eagles are flying high

I believe that Verne Linquist is reading my blog. He was describing the accuracy of Donovan McNabb and stated that “accuracy is putting the ball in the hands of your receiver where he can do the most with it after the catch”. Those were my exact words in my blog Friday when I was examining the positive attributes of Mathew Stafford, Oklahoma’s Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Even with the temporary loss of McNabb, Philly looks to be very dangerous. They are loaded on defense and offense as displayed Sunday. Their ball hawking defense only pushes this team to another level. With McNabb getting injured this early in the season, makes the addition of Michael Vick an act of pure genius. Barring a major injury to McNabb and Vick, Brees and the Saints will have major work to do to get Super Bowl. Delhomme cannot be as bad as the Eagles made them look but their window of opportunity, if their ever was a window, has closed.

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