Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Free agent Poll


Players Present Team First Choice Team Second Choice Team

LeBron James Cavaliers cavaliers Heat
Dwyane Wade Heat Heat
Chris Bosh Raptors Heat Bulls
Amare Stoudemire Suns Suns Knicks
Dirk Norwitzski Mavericks Nets Knicks
Joe Johnson Hawks Heat
Yao Ming Rockets Rockets
Ray Allen Celtics Celtic Celtics
Paul Pierce Celtics Celtics
Carlos Boozer Jazz Nets
David Lee Knicks Knicks
Tracey McGrady Knicks Harlem Globetrotters YMCA

Now that Avery Johnson may become the new Nets Coach, my choice of Dirk Nowitzski going to the Nets looks like pure genius. They are very familiar with each other and have mutual respect which makes working together much easier. I don’t see any of these free agents going to the Clippers but stranger things have happened. What I do know is that Tracy McGrady will not be employed next year. Not in the NBA. Not in China. Not in the Euro league or anywhere else. Paul Pierce will be in Boston. He is much too deeply rooted in Celtic history to go anywhere else. Not so for Ray Allen, he could go where an outside shooter is needed or retire. The Great Wall(Yao Ming) is not leaving Houston by any means.

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