Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wade will burn the Celtics

First and foremost I am bias. I am a Heat fan to the core. The so called experts are predicting the games to be close, maybe go 7 games. I don’t see it that way. Five games max. That’s right 5 games. The Heat will win in 5.
Those that I see as the biggest threat to the Heat are Paul Pierce and Kendrick Perkins. Perkins is a threat because he can be such a beast inside and outside, offensively and defensively. Pierce because he is so hard to defend. He can score from anywhere on the floor and shoot at a high percentage all the while maintaining a professional attitude. Also Rondo can be a problem because of his hand and foot speed and overall court sense. He is very cerebral for such a young player.
The Heat has got to counter the experience of the Celtics with their momentum and their desire to succeed. All of these guys are not Tito’s and Marlon’s Jacksons. If Jermaine O’Neal starts this game, a win is guaranteed. There is no one on the Boston roster that can defend him. If he doesn’t start we will run pick and rolls with Anthony for at least 10points. Arroyo can control the games tempo and with Richardson and wright hitting the outside triple, the Heat will stay in the game. Beasley has got to stay out of foul trouble when guarding Garnett and hit his open jumpers. That leaves the title of this article, “Wade burns the Celtics”, and he will get his. He will get at least 35 points, 14 assist in the first game. He will average a minimum of 35 points per game and take the Celtics in 5.

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