Monday, October 5, 2009

Oklahoma vs Miami

At the beginning of this game, I was wondering if the Miami players were taking money. Never have I seen as many players whiff on tackles and jams at the line of scrimmage. The same cornerback completely missed their receiver that they were supposed to jam at the line. Fortunately only one resulted in a touchdown. It was bad enough Jacory Harris was floating the ball instead of putting more zip on the ball. Piss poor tackling, Piss poor and offside’s penalties; these are the recipes for disaster. At present it is 14 minutes left before half time with the score 7-0. Miami is fortunate to be still in the game. But someone should check Sam Shields bank account and see if there has been any resent large deposit.
Its half time with the score 10-7 Oklahoma; there may be a chance for Miami after all. No more entries until after the game.


T o quote Randy Shannon “Big, huge win for us”. Jacory Harris threw for 3 touchdowns on a night that was marred by interceptions on the team’s first two possessions. On each of those possessions Miami was moving the ball aggressively on the ground before Jacory got greedy. Though Oklahoma scored the first ten points, Miami was controlling the game until a bonehead roughing the punter penalty call against the Hurricanes. It was 4th and long on that play that resulted in a first down. What would have been Miami ball with a lead of 21-10 turned into touchdown for Oklahoma to close the score to 21-17. Oklahoma later scored another field goal but was unable to garner the lead from Miami.
The ‘Canes rebounded from a crushing loss to Va Tech, in Blacksburg Virginia, in the mud, to upset the Sooners. I still believe that Miami could beat the Hokies on a dry field but the record speaks for its self.

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