Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oh Where, Oh Where has Garcia gone.

I watched the Raiders and Broncos game Sunday and got sick to my stomach. My wife has removed all sharp objects from the home. What the hell is JaMarcus Russell doing? He has shown no accuracy or touch on the ball. He is holding up the team’s progress. Opposing defenses are loading up on the line of scrimmage due to the lack of a running game. With little or no threat of a passing game they are shutting down the run. The passing game must improve for this team to have any success this season. I had envisioned this team winning the Western Division with an adequate passing game and an impressive running game. The defense is good enough to compete each week with some improvement along the way but they cannot spend 80% of the game on the field. My advice to Al Davis is to spit out the CROW and resign Jeff Garcia. We can win with this man. Davis and Cable can’t wait until the season is lost to make a change. Philly’s released Garcia is an omen. Resign him and insert him into the staring line-up ASAP.

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