Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weber's misplaced Insult

I just finished listening to Chris Weber ,Ahmad Rashad and Gary Patton discus their meeting with Bill Russell. They talked about not seeing another player of his body-type play his position and have the same effect he had on the game. Patton thinks Kevin Garnett's game is comparable to to Russell. Weber went as far as saying comparing K. G.'s game to Russell's was an insult to Mr. Russell. This brings me to my point. The commissioner says Bill Russell is the greatest winner and competitor to ever play the game. But when the subject of the greatest player of all time is brought up, Micheal Jordan is the first name off your lips.I was under the impression that the measuring stick for greatness consisted of the 1) do you make your teammates better, 2) during your career ,did you leave a lasting impression on the game, 3) because of you, were rules changed or tweaked, and lastly 4) championships. Now ask yourself of those four areas name two where Jordan surpasses Mr. Russell.

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